About Us

The making of herbal blends started in 1978 in a log cabin that our family had just built.  Below is a picture of the first herb garden just outside the kitchen door.

When some friends from the city came to visit, I decided to “spark” up the scrambled eggs with herbs from this garden.  They raved about the flavor and wanted a recipe, which of course I did not have, since I cook from scratch.  I worked hard to recreate the dish and was excited when the guests returned some time later to hand each a copy of the recipe.  They were astounded that so many herbs were needed and requested that I make a blend for them to buy and use.  This started the business with Tjarks’ Egg and Soup Blend.

Today, Knot Enough Thyme is both an on-line and a storefront business.  In October of 2016 we partnered with Treasures on Main to establish a retail establishment that carries the blends, dips, oils, salts, and teas of Knot Enough Thyme with Treasures on Main’s accessories.  It has been a win/win for both of us and is constantly expanding.